Foot-launch Speedflying
Developed for smooth downhill flights, hike and fly, soaring in gentle to strong winds or pushing terrain flying, the FLAME is our best all-round, multi-use wing for all levels of pilot experience.
Easy Speedrider
Specifically developed to be easy to fly and suitable for beginner school pilots to progress all the way to advanced Speedriding.
Expert Speedriding
The FURY is our ultimate Speedriding wing and pushes the limits of what is possible in the sport. We have worked every angle on this gilder to deliver the highest level of performance.
All-round Harness
The FUSION is the new reversible winter & summer harness from Level Wings. The harness is designed to be one of the best cross over harnesses and It builds on all aspects of Mini Wing, Speedflying and Speedriding in one tidy neat package.