Level Wings specializes in Mini Wings, Speed Wings, and Paragliders from passionate pilots that have come together to create a range of products that are built and tested to the highest standards to give users maximum safety, and access to different types of flying for all levels. Our range is extensive, with options for Speed Flying and Winter Speed Riding to Summer Mini Wings and Tandem Paragliders.

Our founders have been at the cutting edge of innovation over the last three decades and have designed some of the most revolutionary wings the industry has seen. Francois Bon, a pioneer of Speed Riding and a highly respected figure in the free flight industry, leads our design team with a visionary take on what is possible within these respective sports.

Speed Wings & Mini Wings

When thinking of creating the perfect ride and the perfect thrill for our pilots, safety remains a number one priority. We have been working hard to develop a range of smaller mini-wings and speed wings that increase further safety and rigidity of the wing at the higher angles of attack. This keeps pilots safe from collapses and turbulences even at full speed so you can build confidence throughout multiple speed ranges, a trademark of Francois. 

By Pilots, For Pilots


We have been on a journey of finding the perfect balance of enjoyment, precision and safety and with the combined experience from our founding pilots, we bring you a company which has a unique view on how you should fly and what you should get out of it. Built by pilots, for pilots.




At Level Wings we set the standards of handling and safety in small wings. Our design team is headed by Francois Bon, most well known for pioneering the sport of speedriding. 

Aconcagua (6962m) first descent - Francois Bon 2008

Eiger (3967m) first descent - Francois Bon 2006

Francois has been an instructor and school owner, international competitor in cross country flying, a pioneer of Acro flying since its inception and a multiple winner of world competitions in Acro, Speed Riding and Paragliding. He is a Senior Judge for the FAI on the World Tour organization from its foundation and was the coach the French Paragliding Acro team for over 6 years, where his team picked up many of the world’s major titles.

As well as his multiple wins in the competition arena, he holds many first descents of some of the world’s biggest mountains including Mont Blanc, Eiger, Grandes Jorasses, and many more in the Mount Cook Range and Mount Elbrus… just to name a few! His first decent of Aconcagua in the Andes awarded him National Geographic Adventures of the year.

Francois has been committed to the cause and has demonstrated that his passion and enthusiasm has always been born out of curiosity and hunger to develop and test the limits of both himself and the sport around him. His involvement in pushing the technologies in this arena has allowed him to gain a vast knowledge in our industry, providing us with the best tools to select the highest quality standards and technologies for our products.

Having been at the cutting edge of innovation over the last three decades, and having designed some of the most known wings the industry has seen; from Gin’s Nano and Fluid to the S-Ride X-Ride at Neo. Now, after developing and designing for brands for 17 years Francois is taking this mountain of experience and passion to Level Wings as Head Designer. His spirit and style for flying can clearly be seen in the products he makes.

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Malcolm is an established athlete and entrepreneur, accustomed to organizing intrepid projects and expeditions.

For more than ten years, his experience has led him to invest and create companies in the field of outdoor sports, well-being and gastronomy. A passionate filmmaker producer, he has been involved in the making of successful and internationally award-winning films and documentaries such as "A plastic ocean" or "The last glaciers". Malcolm was recently the first speedflyer and director to join the United Nations 'Mountain Heroes' environmental program, which is tasked with drawing attention to

ecological changes in the mountains. He is also an ambassador for brands like Arc’teryx, Vacheron Constantin and Mercedes Benz, chosen by them as the leading entrepreneurial adventurer in Asia. His experience puts him in a good position to understand the needs of users, as well as brands, for shared satisfaction.

Meet UN Environment’s new Mountain Hero Malcolm Wood

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